Yale Digital Door Lock YDM3211

Yale Digital Door Lock YDM3211 Yale Digital Door Lock YDM3211 Yale Digital Door Lock YDM3211 Yale Digital Door Lock YDM3211

دستگیره امنیتی هوشمند

Card Digital Door Lock YDM3211

Keyboard Double waterproof technology was adopted to the keyboard , waterproof sealing structure was applied both to keyboard shell and circuit to make it more secure.


  • Pin code (6 to 12 digits)
  • -Advanced technology of Yale digital lock, individual flash of the numbers on the keyboard.
    -Easy set up password , volume adjustment automatic/manual lock, etc
    -Special design of the touch screen surface to make a comfortable environment.

  • Intelligence is the trend of our life, Yale digital lock can be integrated with the smart home and improve the quality of our life. (Specific integration is depends on different situation).
  • The operation state can be displayed on the Intelligent screen , such as low voltage
  • Mechanical Force Inner Lock
  • The internal mechanical lock is not effected by the open from outside, which further protect the indoor security.

  • Safe Handle
  • Safety button is set on the inner handle, the door can only be opened when pressing the button together with turning the handle.

    دستگیره هوشمند YDM3211

  • Fake PIN Code
  • Press any other number before or after the correct password can also open the door, which helps to avoid leaking the information.

    دستگیره امنیتی رمزی YDM4111

  • Mechanical key: 2
  • Simply set the card as the door access card and easily control the door
  • دستگیره کارتی YDM3211

  • Alarm(Break-in/Damage)
  • Automatic alarm started when forced intrusion happens or locks was destroyed.

  • Front body dimension 76.6(W) X 334.6(H) X 28(D) mm
  • Back body dimension 76.6(W) X 304.6(H) X 35(D) mm
  • قفل کارتی YDM3211