Yale Digital Door Lock YMF40

Yale Digital Door Lock YMF40 Yale Digital Door Lock YMF40 Yale Digital Door Lock YMF40 Yale Digital Door Lock YMF40

قفل اثر انگشتی YMF40

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock YMF40

In Dual Mode, a unique "security mode" fingerprint management system, simple and easy to identify each visitor identity management complex variety of open access.


  • Pin code (6 to 12 digits)
  • -Advanced technology of Yale digital lock, individual flash of the numbers on the keyboard.
    -Special design of the touch screen surface to make a comfortable environment.

    دستگیره اثر انگشتی YMF40

  • Fingerprint reader (up to 20 users)
  • قفل دیجیتال اثر انگشتی YMF40

  • Yale digital lock unique voice Guide makes a easier fingerprinting and password registration
  • Remote Control (Optional)
  • Install network module in the inner box , you can enjoy the smart home integration by the remote control.

  • The operation state can be displayed on the Intelligent screen , such as low voltage
  • Safe Handle
  • Safety button is set on the inner handle, the door can only be opened when pressing the button together with turning the handle.

    دستگیره هوشمند YMF40

  • Scramble PIN Code
  • in Scramble PIN Code, Press any other number before or after the correct password can also open the door, which helps to avoid leaking the information.

    دستگیره امنیتی رمزی YDM4111

  • Mechanical key: 2
  • دستگیره امنیتی YMF40

  • Alarm(Break-in/Damage)
  • Automatic alarm when forced intrusion or locks destroyed happens. It is safe and reliable.

  • Front body dimension 66(W) X 320(H) X 25(D) mm
  • Back body dimension 66(W) X 320(H) X 31(D) mm

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