Yale Glass Door Lock YDG313

Yale Glass Door Lock YDG313 Yale Glass Door Lock YDG313 Yale Glass Door Lock YDG313 Yale Glass Door Lock YDG313

قفل شیشه سکوریت YDG313

Yale Glass Door Lock YDG313

insert U lock body from the edge of the glass door and fixed panel to reduce the inconvenience of installation.


  • Pin code (6 to 12 digits)
  • - Advanced technology of Yale digital lock, individual flash of the numbers on the keyboard.

    قفل رمزی YDG313

  • Magic Mirror Touchpad
  • This product use intelligent mirror touch screen technology, which is more convenient for users to know whether the operation is correct.

    دستگیره هوشمند YDG313

  • Proximity cards up to 40 users
  • قفل کارتی YDG313

  • Scramble PIN Code
  • in Scramble PIN Code, Press any other number before or after the correct password can also open the door, which helps to avoid leaking the information.

    دستگیره امنیتی YDG313

  • Safe Knob
  • Manual control technology is that the door can open from inside only by pressing the knob on the button.

    دستگیره امنیتی هوشمند YDG313

  • Anti-Electric Shock
  • Double protection of Anti-electric shock , the technology has passed more than 500 times test of the impact of 30000 v high voltage.

  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Alarm started when fire happens in door.

  • Remote Control (Optional)
  • Install network module in the inner box , you can enjoy the smart home integration by the remote control.

  • In order to make the door closer to the glass, the special design of ultra-thin design, not only the fashion and beautiful.
  • دستگیره شیشه سکوریت YDG313

  • Front body dimension 72.8(W) X 186(H) X 14(D) mm
  • Back body dimension 77.5(W) X 190.5(H) X 48.8(D) mm

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